About China Journal of Democracy (quarterly)
发布时间:2023-04-27    作者:fredyang


The China Journal of Democracy is dedicated to providing Chinese readers with new perspectives and knowledge about China and the world, especially Chinese politics, democracy, and democratic transformation. While we hope it is suitable for a wide range of readers to achieve its mission of disseminating new knowledge and new perspectives, it is an academic journal with a rigorous review process.


China Journal of Democracy is published by the Institute for China’s Democratic Transition Democracy in China. Its inaugural issue was released on January 15, 2023.

Dates of Publication

China Journal of Democracy is published four times a year, on January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15.


ISBN (electronic version): 979-8-9875925-0-2

ISBN (printed version): 979-8-9875925-2-6

Business Model

The journal is a non-profit project. All authors who publish articles will receive honoraria for their work.

The journal is mainly distributed in electronic form. The electronic version can be downloaded and subscribed to for free.

A small number of paper copies are printed to meet the needs of individual, institutional, and library collections.



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